My name is Ari. I am a twenty-something studying Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology.

I write technical articles. Not frequently, but I do. When I’m too busy not writing anything for this site, I sometimes write for DigitalOcean. They pay well. Right now though, I’m an Algorithms course assistant.

I don’t really make that many Django projects anymore, but that’s all I really write about since I enjoy Python so much. For the most part, everything I work on right now is using React. Fuck Facebook Meta, but React… React is nice.

whereismaurice.com is one of my latest React projects. It’s doing pretty well (20k views a month).

This Site

My website is really intended for writing, but I might put some other stuff on here. I don’t really know yet. Regardless, let’s discuss the technical aspects of this site.

It’s a Gatsby site. Hosted on Vercel (ceiphr.vercel.app). Tailwind CSS styles almost the entire site. There are those edge cases where it’s inconvenient/clunky to use.

Of course, I’m using TypeScript. I’m not a JavaScript masochist.


You can contact me at ari@ceiphr.com. I’m quick to respond. Except on finals’ week.

I don’t really like speaking or collaborative writing, so don’t contact me about that stuff.

If I fucked up something in an article, either email me or comment on the post. Either way, I won’t fix it.

Just kidding, I will.

P.S. If you think I should go to prison for crimes again humanity, here is my mugshot (double chin, included).